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Nashville area schools

Schools in the greater Nashville and suburban area:


Depending on the County, there is wide divergence on the quality of the public schools available in the Greater Nashville and suburban areas. 

In First Place:

Williamson County Schools is the highest ranked district in Tennessee and rank fourth in the nation, compared with other public school districts with more than 10,000 students, and first in the nation compared with districts with more than 20,000.  (, 2021)

The cities which comprise Williamson County are:

Brentwood, Franklin, Thompson's Station, Spring Hill, Arrington, College Grove and Nolensville

To access the Williamson County Schools homepage –

In Second Place:

The second place public school system is Montgomery County. Montgomery County consist of Clarksville, Tennessee. (

Visit the Clarksville-Montgomery School System –

More Data on Each School/District:

The most reliable information on schools comes from a not-for-profit organization called

They rank each public school in the US, as long as data is available, on a 10-point scale. They look at many factors in coming up with this composite score, such as ratio of students to teachers, percent graduating high school, testing scores, percent going to college, and many more parameters. This information can be especially helpful in deciding where to purchase a home. There may be several districts per city, so it is important to see what school(s) correlate with your home, or potential home address. I am happy to help you locate this information. There are zone maps which make it easy to see which streets are associated with which schools. You can check on:

This takes you to an interactive section where you will see the schools listed on the left hand side of the page. If you click on the name of a school, it will open a page which tells you about the school and its ranking.

If you return to the list of schools and click on the, “show on map” then you will see the school location on the map, and the shaded area around the school which includes the streets which correlate with this school’s attendance. (School districts can change, although rarely, depending on population changes or a new schools being built).
Another great resource is: It guides you through how to enroll your child.

This site is the official School Board site. It lists how to enroll your child in school and information about the School Board and school staff. It has valuable information on how the schools operate, as well an overview of how schools prepare students to attend college. 

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